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Aimee Lemrise
Alyssa Weisenstein
Amanda Sutton
Amber Manning-Ouellette
Andy Wang
Ann Garrett
Anne Moore
Anthony Spearing
Arlene Tan
Beth Scally

Beth Scally
Elizabeth Scally has been at SIU for more than 20 years, working at various positions within University Housing. Currently she is working with Graduate and Family Services. Beth has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education, College Student Personnel from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
Passionate about Saluki sports you can find her at most sporting events. Hobbies include photography, sports, reading, travel and music. Beth and her husband Mark have two children, Kristy and Sean and when not at Saluki events, they can usually be found at football, baseball and basketball games in and around Carbondale.
Bridgette Sargent
Brittany McElroy
Bryan Harrison
Candice Burnom
Carl Spezia
Casheena Sephens
Christopher Hinkle
Deborah Barnett
Deborah Burns
Denise McClearey
Dennis Nasco
Derrick Williams
Donna Goodin
Eileen Waldron
Elyse Hiller
Frank Grzych
Gena Stack
Jack Young
Jaime Conley-Holt
James Mathias
James Mathias
James Phegley
Jason Hartz
Jeannie Killian
Jennifer Kennedy
Joe Pineau
John Bro
JP Dunn
Julie Duston
Justin Schuch
Kaila Tyner
Karen Cross
Karen Wolf
Karla Berry
Kathy Chonez
Katrina James
Kevin Krongos
Kristopher Marshall
Leah Belsley
Lisa Peden
Maria Delsing
Martinique Free
Mary Fischer
Maryon King
Meera Komarraju
Melinda Yeomans
Michelle Garrett
Michelle McLernon
Nathan Meissner
Nicholas Guardiano
Nicholas Weshinskey
Ras Michael Brown
Renada Greer
Ryan Podolak
Ryan Reed

Sam Goodin

Sam Goodin

Hi, my name is Sam Goodin. I moved to Carbondale so long ago that my grade school, junior high school and high school are all gone. I can remember the war protests, Old Main burning and Halloween Celebrations, not the bad ones. I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from SIU. After finishing my graduate work, I worked at the University of North Dakota, Indiana University, California Sate University in Los Angeles and the last twenty years at the University of Michigan. I returned to SIU last summer to direct the Disability Support Services Office. I enjoy taking my boat out on the lakes, music at the wineries, the summer concert series and time spent with friends and family.

Samantha Schmidgall
Sandra McKinley
Sanjeev Kumar
Sarah Steinkamp
Scott Rakow
Sharon Walters
Shawna Pope
Simone Becque
Stacye Saunders
Stephen Grimmer
Susann Pinter
Tarnisha Green
Veronica Williams
Walter Davis

Walter Metz

Walter Metz

Walter Metz is a Full Professor in the Department of Cinema and Photography at SIUC, where he teach film, television, and theatre history, theory, and criticism. He holds two Bachelor's degrees, one in Materials Science and Engineering and the other in the Humanities, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has a Master's degree in Communication Studies from the University of Iowa, and a Ph.D. in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of over 50 refereed research articles and book chapters, and of three books: Engaging Film Criticism: Film History and Contemporary American Cinema (2004), Bewitched (2007), and Gilligan's Island (2012). Currently, he is hard at work on a new book about Dr. Seuss and Pixar Animation Studios.

William Recktenwald

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